A downloadable game for Windows

The year is 2057.  Society has digressed to corporate feudalism. 

Enter Tris,  an  ex-mercenary  on a vengeance mission to kill the Tech-Baron who ruined her life. Master her cyberkatana to mow down enemies, utilize powerful drugs to augment her capabilities, and progress through the Zen battle system to kill the Baron in this dark cyberpunk revenge story.

How to play:

arrow keys / WASD - move

z/space/enter - confirm

x/escape - back

shift - injection menu

Parrying requires chakra, which is replenished by taking psychedelics

Bend the odds to your favor with d20 modifiers.





Install instructions

1) Unzip the file using a program like WinRAR or 7Zip. 

2) Run the executable.

3) Enjoy!


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This is really cool! I kept getting viscously killed however, gonna dive back in soon! I feel like there's some cool stuff hidden...

The swap to the mundane other world was mind-blowing really, I totally did not expect that! It's like I chose an entirely different game right at the very beginning and it was like "ok, here you go!" and it really existed. Very cool, I'll keep looking out for your stuff!

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Wow, reading an experience like this really makes me feel like the work paid off! Thank you!

If you're getting destroyed, I suggest trying the d20 modifiers, especially the evasive one. Enjoy the rest of the game! :)


This is lit! Hope to see some more of it!

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Happy to hear you enjoy it! If we get a bigger response, maybe we'll post an update!